I decided to make this topic because I'd like to hear about peoples' experiences' of having a subluxated shoulder. I'm a competetive judoka, not a wrestler to be exact but I think judo and wrestling are very similiar and I might get a better response in here than in judo-related forums because they tend to focus more on recreational judo.

I hurt my shoulder sparring and bench pressing afterwards some 7 weeks ago. Went to see a sports doc, he told me I've propably sprained my AC-joint and he told me to take i easy for six weeks and if the pain wouldn't go away I could go get an MRI of it. So, while it wasn't as sore as it was in the beginning it felt like something was not just right and last week I had an MRI taken and I was diagnosed of having a subluxated shoulder because of an tear in the AC-joint. So everything else is okay, it's just the AC-ligament that is causing me trouble because of the tear in it and the shoulder has dropped 1-1,5 cm's lower than the other making the clavicle come up a bit. The actual subluxation is not painful and if I were say a soccer player the injury wouldn't mean a thing. Anyway, the doc told me I can do anything that is not painful (which means no judo, using only dumbbells about 50% of the weight i can lift and for example I'm not very comfortable with pushups atm) and go back to see him if it continues to bother me for 6-8 weeks. He told me surgery isn't the no.1 option right now because the joint isn't completely torn and the rehab after the surgery would take 3 months but I'm pretty sure that if I go see him again in the mentioned 6-8weeks reattaching the joint with surgery will become actual. So for now I just strengthen it with various excercises and try to avoid surgery. Hower I kinda have this feeling that the torn AC will continue to hinder me judo-wise and that I'll never be able to strengthen the muscles enough.

Have any of the members here been in a similiar situation before and if you have what did you decide to do? Did you just suck it up, slowly build huge shoulders and return to competition as good as ever or did you opt for the surgery?

Thanks in advance!