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    I'm trying to find out the most effective offseason workout plan possible. I currently wrestle in clubs 2 to 4 days a week. I want to be able to squeeze in a few quality strength and conditioning workouts on the days which i am not wrestling.

    Any help?

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    see grecowrestler13, jensen, and gjfovf workout logs. All 3 are pretty different. I am mainly a kettlebell trainer, Jensen trains w/ traditional weights, and greco does a lot of body weight w/outs along w/ power lifts. I would take a look at all 3 throw them into the blender and see what you like. All have tremendous benefits for wrestlers, and all 3 are somewhat different. The main thing that they all have in common is consistancy and intensity. As greco signs " Train like a madman."
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    Quote Originally Posted by warriorswh11 View Post
    Thanks a lot for your help with that. Any advice in terms of conditioning? Running a few miles a day..etc?
    I've always been a proponent of sprinting rather than distance running ( you should mix them up, just remember to get sprinting involved a couple times a week..)

    Wrestling matches are a series of sprints, not a 20 minute jog, so it makes more sense to train your body with hard bursts.

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