Hey guys, I am in a little bit of a sticky situation and i would like some help. I am a freshman at Michigan State University, and it is my dream to wrestle here. I wrestled in high school, i was nothing special really, but when i got to college ive gone to some open mats offered by the school and somehow i have vastly improved since high school. I am not sure how this happened, since i hadnt been wrestling during the summer but i am not going to complain. Now, i am friends with some of the guys on the wrestling team, and they said i should try to walk on. I went to talk to the coach and he made me work out with the team. I didnt do too badly, and today i got an email from the coach saying that he saw a lot of potential so he wants to extend an invitation to walk on next year. I am very excited about this but i feel like i will be rusty by next august. Any suggestions how to improve drastically over the summer? Thanks alot guys