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Discuss Best greco and freestyle exercises? at the Workout & Training Tips within the Wrestling Talk Forums; So, I'm currently about to start a personal training program at a local sports center, ...
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    Default Best greco and freestyle exercises?

    So, I'm currently about to start a personal training program at a local sports center, and I've been working out wby myself for about 3 years,and once I entered highschool I finally got to work out with my team. But now I'm going to start this program, and the trainer wants me to compile some exercises he thinks I should go over , and so far I have some of the basics: pyramid bench press, superset lat pulldowns/rows, and a few other good upper body ones (I know so much more but I'm limiting it becuase he has a otn of better stuff to show me)....But tonight at my team's lifting, some guys who take greco (i only do folkstyle) showed me a few things and there was one exercise i loved. You took a bar with about your body weight on it, and you set your grip on it so that if you jumped over the bar and faced the other direction, your grip would be back to normal...then once you get the grip and jump over, you extend and liftthe bar up and take 3 steps back then drop it.... I loved it! So if you have ideas similar to his genre of lifting for wrestling specific, that'd be great to learn them, thanks!
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    Fun stuff
    Also try some kettlebell
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