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    Hey i was wondering how thought my routine was and if you could give me any tips. I go almost every day alternating between strength and cardio days. My workouts go as follows.

    2-mile run
    Jump rope

    • 3-min; 2-min; 1-min

    Circuit workout (1-min each exercise)

    • push-up
    • lunges
    • crunch
    • wall-sit
    • pull-ups
    • bicycle crunch

    Shadow wrestle in 3 2 minute incraments
    3x20 pushups, crunches, and squats

    Strength Day

    • Bench
    • Curl
    • Lying curl
    • Pull-down
    • Tri. extension
    • Lat-row
    • Hip extension
    • Leg curl
    • Resisted crunch

    Push-up routine (ladder starting with 40 going dow by 10s to 10)
    AB routine (Crunches, leg lifts, v-ups, Bicycle crunch)
    Body weight leg routine (lunges, squats, wall-sit)

    I was also wondering if it would be a good idea to include jump roping on my strength day so that I could include some cardio.

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    Lose the isolation lifts. All of em. Introduce compound lifts inot your life. For example: Squat, deadlift, Ohp, etc.

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    Would different types of cleans be a good thing?

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    i would recommend isolation lifts if (like me) you are injury prone. if you do do isolation lifts for injury prevention or injury strengthening, then it has to be 3-4 times a week, specific to strengthening muscles that help prevent injury, very high volume, relatively light weight.

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