Ok, at the start of the season, i was 5 ft 11.5in. i weighed 171 lbs and my fat content was 12% so if i was to make 7.5% that would be me at 161 lbs. my wieght stayed the same for the most part through out the season. and i went 9-30. i wrestled all the way from 171 all the way up to 215. i had 2 actual pins one of them against a 215.
So for the most part it was a lack luster season. While i was in season i was working out at 6 am on mon tues and thurs with the football team so i could make weight and after that doing wrestling after school.
SO my question for you is, is if this here is a good plan to get leaner and stronger for next year?
Im going to do morning workouts mon thru thursday. and track mon thru thurs day after school. im going to eat somthing lean and high in protein after workouts then skip lunch and for dinner try and make the best of whatever is dealt to me at the dinner table.
So my question is how low do you think i could go and do yall have any advice for me to get in better physique
btw i can deadleft 350, i can only bench about 150, i can do about 225 on a well formed squat. and i can hang clean around 160. so any advice is welocme