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Thread: How to gain weight properly?

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    Title. I'm currently at 140 lbs on JV wrestling at my school. I'm kind of more on the slow side but I have lots of power so I want to gain up to 20 - 40 lbs over the summer. Over the summer I will be going to West Virginia University wrestling camp and taking a trip to somewhere. On a daily basis I will be lifting around 1 hour and 30 minutes at least 5 days a week if not more. That would also consist of running/cardio. My question really is how much should I eat/what should I eat to get bigger. (My brother is in the marines and he recommended that I use these pills Animal Pack or something which I will probably use to help me lift more effectively)

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    Since you are on the JV team, I take it your no older than 14-16 years old. In that case don't take that Animal Pack crap. That stuff could probaly cause you problems. You shouldn't be taking that stuff unless your 18-20 years old and have a healthy diet. If your looking to gain weight then eat large large amounts of calories, carbs, fat, and protein. Eat 500-1,000 more calories than what is recommended for you to maintain your weight. Eat healthy and clean. No big macs or whoppers or fries. No junk food. Make it so that 90% of the food you eat is clean and healthy and the other 10% can be some junk. Your diet should consist of something like this:

    Red meat
    Orange juice

    That's it. Also, you should throw in some fruits and veggies in there. But that's mainly it. I'm pretty sure you know what red meats are. The other 3 are self explanatory. Just make sure your lifting hard and eating alot of those 4 foods and I promise you that you will gain weight(muscle). Also, don't worry about any of those supplements. The only supplement you should be taking if any should be multi-vitamins.

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    see sample weight gain menu above
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    I'm currently 16, are there any decent supplements I can take to help my lifting? Last summer I used Whey Protein which actually helped me a lot. Over the summer my body took on a lot of muscle and I wanna gain just as much or maybe even more this upcoming summer.

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    Eat lots of healthy food. Lift lots of weights.

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    Animal Pack is good, but it's just a multi-vitamin. It's not gonna help to gain weight, but it will help you stay healthy and support your diet.

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