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Discuss Matches- getting winded at the Workout & Training Tips within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by p-jersey If you are training properly this should not happen. Its either ...
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    Default Re: Matches- getting winded

    Quote Originally Posted by p-jersey View Post
    If you are training properly this should not happen.

    Its either mental or the pre-match preparation is not good.
    So when your muscles are more fatigued you body doesn't use up more oxygen?

    Because I notice by the third or fourth match particularly my arms would be on fire and I would get exhausted way faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestling_Prodigy View Post
    So when your muscles are more fatigued you body doesn't use up more oxygen?

    Because I notice by the third or fourth match particularly my arms would be on fire and I would get exhausted way faster.
    Sure it does but the ts is saying that he has great endurance in practice but in tournaments he gasses out. His body is physically capable of handling that many matches as proven by his conditioning in practice. So that leaves me to believe that something is causing the muscles to get fatigued quicker than usual. I think it could have to do with cutting weight and not probably rehydrating, not getting in solid warm ups before the matches, or mentally exhausting your body.

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    your probably hyper aggresive in matches relax a little

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    Sounds like Stress. Simple stress. If you're resting and your heart rate is still above normal, then you need to find a way to relax. I'd offer you advice on how...but it would involve your girlfriend and a dark room. ;D

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    Ha, the girlfirend advice won't owrk, energy goes! A lot of good advice. I'd add, get there way early, go out for a good run first.

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    one thing that you should do is right after the very first match of the tournament, get in some sort of protein shake. don't do it to late or else you might get sick because of taking it to close to match time. You tell me that your getting very tired later in the matches because your muscles are all burned out. Try Whey protein. Most of the time at tournaments, i would eat skittles and drink gatorade because i was so sick of cutting weight, that's all i would want is sugar and good tasting things. BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH. eat healthy. it was always to hard to get calm and not be nervous especially that your going 1v1 on a huge mat and everyone is watching you. lol. its human nature. just eat lots of protein. good luck this up coming season. never stop training hard. "GREAT SACRAFICE COMES GREAT REWARDS"

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    Quote Originally Posted by chessplayer View Post
    Last tournament I wrestled

    After weigh in, no cutting down, wrestling up.

    8 am I had sports drink, and one banana, thats all I could hold down.

    11 am after good sweaty warm up had six minute match, that I won. 4-1. Wasn't tired at all. Felt great.
    Had some water after match.

    1 pm second match tired and gassed after 2 minutes, then got lucky and pin in second period after 60 sec.

    Had some more water. Heart rate really high after 1 hr rest, won't come down.
    Heart pounding out of chest even though almost asleep resting.

    3 pm had final match. After one minute completely gassed. Held onto lead and won 7-2 decision on pure guts. Could hardly stand up after match. Put hands on knees and barely made it to the side of mat took me 2 minutes to gain composure. Felt like I hit a wall.

    I've noticed that my heart rate feels like heart palpitations or something. Never happens in practice, never.
    Sounds like you are getting worked up too much in matches, and now this "getting winded" thing is a self fullfilling prophecy. I know with the kids I have coached, who were in great shape, but would have this happen, were pressuring themselves. They would start a match over active. Wouldn't breath right. Would get rattled over dumb stuff, any pressure on their lungs and you could see them thinking, "here we go again". This was even worse with the kids who had asthma.

    My solution was to build up their obvious abilities, and their conditioning, and their preparedness, and the plan we have. Then say; go out there and wrestle like you are capable. If you do so then it is good no matter what the outcome of the match. If they were studs the outcome was predictable. It keeps them competitive, but takes off the unreasonable pressure they put on themselves. I have had this issue with many, and even national rated wreslters; my kid and a kid who was a Senior Nationals All American and multiple state champion.
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    The answer is simple. You arent breathing properly. You should be breathing in deeply through your nose. Control your exhale. Dont just let it out. There are books written on proper breathing for sports. And such a simple change in the way you are breathing can more the double your stamina. My advice, go take some Bikram Yoga. Its an hour and a half of postures done in a room heated at around 105 F and 40% humidity. Not only will it increase your flexability and help you recover from grueling workouts, but it will teach you to breathe. I guarantee it will help you perform tremendously. Also maybe consider taking some boxing classes. In my experience there is more of an emphasis on breathing than in wrestling. PM if you want some more info on where you can do this kind of yoga.

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    i learned this, when you get winded in a match, take a couple deep breaths and thats it, force yourself to breath normally after that. resist the urge to gasp in more air. so basically you are relaxing your breathing. you will get enough oxygen and you will get better at this over time. practice it.
    but then again, i may be retarded

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