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Thread: workouts for quickness and balance

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    hi everyone
    i need to find workouts for quickness and son is 11 and has strength he has problems with his balance and quickness on the mat.anything will be appreacated thank you

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    power cleans, but idk if hes old enough. shoulder presses and any standing lift will help ex. squats, deadlifts,

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    push ups, pull ups, sit ups, box jumps, shuttle runs, 3 cone drills, rope climbs
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    Jump Rope, my 11 year old son has come on leaps and bounds! excuse the pun...

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    Not to bump an old thread, but start him on a Pistol Squat progression. Pistols have helped my balance a lot.

    Start with maybe Air Squats, Bulgarian Split Squats, Box Pistol Squats and then finally Pistols. Just work into the pistol squats, may take a while depending on how strong he is. Maybe start him on some basic gymnastic stuff to help stabilize the core. Hand stands and tuck levers (on a pull up bar) are good. Also Hanging Leg Raises work the core a fair amount and should help his balance.

    As for quickness, have him shadow wrestle. Its something that has helped me a lot with my speed. Also can help with balance if you shoot doubles, singles, high cs, low singles, etc in a straight line, 5 - 10 shots down and back, next move, down and back, etc. Jump roping will help your quickness too.

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