So, an introduction. I have been wrestling for 8 years now. I fell in love with wrestling my first year and the fire still burns in me to this day. I won my district tournament my senior year and went to state where I put on a lackluster performance. I decided that I wouldn't feel sorry for myself but instead use my loss as motivation to continue on and improve my art. My thoughts led me to dabble in mma. I quickly realized that a lot of the top fighters wrestled in college. After some soul searching i figured my best course of action would be to focus on my efforts on wrestling, get on a college team and as lofty of a goal it may be, place in the NCAA tournament. After speaking with a few former college wrestlers, I figured the best way to succeed in my new goal would be to spend a year getting better (aka getting the crap kicked out of me by my coaches) and then a year wrestling for a junior college before starting my division run. So, I figured I would have to improve my athleticism and get as much wrestling in as possible. I will be posting my workouts and tournament results. I encourage people to post anything they feel will be helpful for me and thank you for your commentary.