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    Hey guys

    I'm going to be learning some ju-jistu in the near future, and am thinking about doing some wrestling as well... problem is, I won't have much time to train with work and family and the nearest wrestling room 45 minutes away.

    What kind of workouts can I do (weights, cardio ect) that will at least sort-of simulate wrestling or grappling so I can do those things occasionally without being rediculously out of shape?

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    To not be "ridiculously" out of shape, you have to RUN, and push yourself to the limit of not being able to run no more physically. For strength, squats, pushups, pullups, bench presses, cleans, deadlifts, and dumbell exercises. You don't want to bulk up a lot so that your speed will be affected, but being stronger definitely helps. You can practice some wrestling moves in your backyard or on a rug or mat if you have any. You don't need a partner, but a partner would be good. You can basically watch the videos on this site and mimic anything basic to have a knowledge of wrestling. If you have a partner, don't do take downs unless you have a real wrestling mat. Just do the motions of the moves.

    If you are good at wrestling, jiu-jitsu will probably become second nature to you after some hard training. You will just have to learn new moves because you know to keep pressure on your opponent and other maneuvers.

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    I have been doing the PX90 workout when I can. Closest thing I have done to a wrestling work out if not tougher.

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    Thanks guys. I've started both and my cardio is better than I thought it would be, likely because I'm chosing to wrestle mostly greco. However, my arms feel like rubber from all the hand fighting. Anything- exercise wise- I can do about that?

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