been lurking around a couple of days, i could use some training advise.

here is some background. i wrestled from age 8, through HS, a season in Jr college(couldn't crack the lineup), and a few years with some other like minded guys using mat time at a local martial arts gym, hitting AAU tourneys. stopped when i was 24. average at best, kinda one dimensional. raced bmx bikes (big kid, i know)from 24 to present(31). so i'm not completely out of shape, just not in wrestling shape.

my boss wrestled in the marines and asked me if i wanted to roll. we go help out a local midget program, when the kids are done practice, we have about an hour or so of free mat time. first night was thursday, my boss cleaned the mat with my face.

him and a couple of other guys there want to get in some summer tourneys. i have alot of work to do. i can only roll the one night a week... work, family, sidework, ect.. what kind of program could i do to get my strength, speed, endurance back to par? i know that nothing compares to mat time, but it was hard for me to juggle everything to get the one night in as it is. i have no problem getting up early to train before work.

thanks in advance for any ideas/help
dave pawlowski