This is a response to a Q addressed to me by Arm Spin, (Sparky also expressed an interest n knowing) in another section & thread. In it he stated:
if you have a system that can relieve all pain and suffering, please share it with the rest of us. Clearly and in detail.
So here I am.

In 1990, I studied & trained in the technology of Dianetics. I became a certified practitioner as well. Since then I have helped many people overcome emotional barriers & physical injuries by applying this technology as it addresses the mental recordings & reasons why someone would hang onto their injury. I currently have 2 clients in Miami I am working with, one who is a Medical Doctor.

He is the basic outline of how it works.

1) Dianetics addresses the MIND. The mind consists of pictures that record the entirety of one's existence. There are 2 main parts of the mind, the analytical & reactive mind. The analytical mind is the part of the mind that contains pictures that help one solve problems, create solutions & record pleasure moments. The reactive mind is the part of the mind that is below one's conscious awareness level & contains pictures of physical & emotional pain AND UNconsciousness.

2) The pictures in the reactive mind have a mass, a weight & they contain force & emotion as well. In Dianetics therapy we return the person, (with NO hypnosis) to the past & run them through the incident. In going over it again & again one uncovers more & more of the incident. Eventually all the physical & emotional pain AS-IS. And accordingly the mass is gone, (BLOWS).

3) The goal of Dianetics is to CLEAR one of all their negative pictures, (the entirety of the Reactive Mind). In doing so we free the person from pictures of any physical injuries they may have had that help to hold the injury in place. By riding oneself of the physical injury memory it helps the body heal faster & any physical therapies one is engaged in to heal the body will be aided. Equally with emotional pains & losses, the therapy unburdens the individual of those issues of the past.