Sample in season menu for 140lb wrestler that I train
All calories are approximate

1/4 cup of granola 125c
1 lite fruit yogurt 100c
1 scoop of protein powder 180c
Mixed all together

1 medium banana 110c

1 can of tuna 200c
2 tbsp lite mayo 80c
2 slices of 7 grain bread 200c
12 oz skim milk 150c

1 apple 80c

2/3 cup of whole wheat pasta 210c
1/4 cup tomato sauce 80c
1/2 chicken breast 150c
8 oz skim milk 100c

1765 calories per day. Plus 64 oz water. Morning run/lift & Afternoon wrestling practice

The key to weight maintainance is be consistant. Also log your caloric intake. The weight watchers people have been extremely successful by making people think about what/how much they are eating i.e. food/portion control. It isn't rocket science.