This is a sample menu that I created for one of the HS guys I train. He is a football player/ wrestler. He wrestles 215.

Breakfast: All calories are approximate
16 oz OJ 200c
6 Pancakes 600c
1 pat butter 50c
1/4 cup real maple syrup (not log cabin) 200c
8 oz skim milk 100c

1150 calories

large banana 130c
1/4 cup raisins 120c

2 slices of whole wheat/ 7 grain bread 200c
2 tbsp peanut butter 200c
3 tbsp organic fruit spread (try to avoid jelly and jam) 150c
12 oz milk 150c
12 protein powder mixed w/ water 200c

900 calories

Large bagel 450c
3 oz Lite Cream cheese 250c
16 oz grapefruit juice 350c


1 chicken breast 300c
2 large potatoes 400c
1 cup of peas 100c
16 oz skim milk 200c
1 bowl lentil soup (low sodium) 250c

1250 calories

Total: 4600 calories for the day