Hi, I have a few questions on working out. Here is some information on me. I am about 5'9-5'10, 131-133 pounds (varies everyday) and like 13.5% body fat. Currently I do not have access to weights right now except for five, ten, and twenty pound dumbbells, but right now I really want to stick to bodyweight exercises. I have access to the following: pull up bar, jump ropes (speed and weighted), grippers, and probably more stuff that I can not think about right now. I only have one wrestling practice (usually high intensity).Right now I am decent shape. I am looking to loose 2-3 pounds a week.

1. How often should I workout? How many times in a day should I work out? (please remember I am not going to be using any weights at all)

2. Is it better to do 10 sets of 15 push ups throughout the day or do them all at once?

3. What exercises should I do to lose weight and please explain how often and how to do them? (Remember 2-3 pounds a week)

4.Which is better for getting into shape running 3 miles at like a 7:30 minute mile pace, 2 miles in like 12:00-12:30 minutes, or doing sprints (please explain how to do sprints as I have never really done them before)? How often should I run; everyday?

5. What types of food should I be eating to lose 2-3 pounds a week? How often should I eat ( 3 meals or 5-6 meals or what)? Could you provide a sample diet in a day?

6. What exercises should I do to built strength in my entire body and how should I do them?

I am in middle school and my first match is in mid January if that helps at all.

Thank you and please answer any of these questions that you can.