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    Hey everyone, my log will be a little different as I am going to detail my bjj classes. Both the moves we learn and how I did during the live goes. I am also looking to start attending the cross fit conditioning classes and as soon as my apartment finishes our fitness center I will be working out there as well.

    I go to High Altitude MA which is own and ran by Nathan Marquardt. So far the sessions have been going very well. I am learning quite a bit but there are so many details to learn. My wrestling has given me a major leg up as certain movements are tough for beginners to learn but for wrestlers its natural ie a basic hip heis.

    So far in my live goes I have rolled with 5 or 6 3 stripe white belts and have been able to submit all of them. Because of wrestling I end up on top and typically in side mount. I have learned a few transitions and submissions from there which have allowed me to really control my opponents.

    I was able to go against my one instructor who is a four stripe purple belt. Things were going well at first I was in the top position rotating from side mount to north/south position but eventually I ended up back in his guard where he latched on a very quick and slick arm bar.

    Oh well I look forward to updating this thing. I will also go into detail about the likes and dislikes of bjj and how it compares and contrast to wrestling.

    Tonight I have a class but it is only 45 minutes long so that would fall under one of the dislikes.

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    Cool, can't wait! Good luck and nice idea.

    Your in college now or what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestling_Prodigy View Post
    Cool, can't wait! Good luck and nice idea.

    Your in college now or what?
    I graduated in 2007 from Northwestern U.

    I went to high school in South Jersey at a small public school.

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    Tonights practice was easy to pick up on because it positions every wrestler has been in a thousand times.

    We went over several positions starting out essentially in a front head lock. The first and most basic was locking up around the head and then transitioning to blocking the opponents arm and spinning around to take his back.

    The second position started out with the same lock but extending him and rotating his arms then essentially sitting out while throwing a leg on his back and locking in the choke.

    The third variation was the gator roll. You start out with the same front head lock but rotate to the gator roll lock roll through and instead of coming out on top of him and looking for the pin as you would in wrestling you essentially are parallel on the mat with the choke in.

    The third hold was a combo of the 2nd and third chokes. You start out going for the first choke but for whatever you cant lock it in. So you elevate his legs with your leg knocking him to the side from their you switch to the gator lock.

    I actually was practicing with a kid who had just joined the wrestling team the previous week so I was able to show him some different variations that work in wrestling.

    Overall it was a decent practice and pretty applicable to the style that I have.

    Unfortunatley when i have rolled I have not had any one shoot in on me so I will have to wait until i go against better wrestlers to really apply these holds.

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    Not a big fan of this class or instructor. He teaches a lot of junk or low pertentage moves. Not even low percentage because they are crazy but because they are so rudimentary that anyone with six months of training would see coming and have little trouble stopping. He also teaches a lot of self defense and wrist locks neck cranks that I'm not a big fan of.


    This was a good class where every situation was where you had the guys back while on the ground essentially in a crab ride position. We transitioned it into rear naked chokes, armbars, triangles and omoplatas. I really like the rnc and armbar series but struggled with thr triangle. Part of my problem is I'm short so my limbs can only be useful for certain moves.

    The omoplata was cool but still a little awkward for me.
    My best class of the week because it was all transitions from side mount which is where I'm most comfortable. My wrestling allows me to get the takedown and my guard passes are pretty good so I'm trying to focus on developing my side mount game.

    We went over some transitions to mount as well as several submissions such as armbars, and even leg locks if he attempts to block your mount pass.

    Afterwards we rolled I started off with a kid who never did bjj or wrestling before. After a few minutes I switched up because I did not feel comfortable answering his questions about how to apply moves from his back. I'm still new myself so I did not want to give him bad advice.

    I then went with a more advanced kid. I kept getting stuck in his half guard but I eventually passed to side mount and quickly moved into mount. I feel very solid in mount and was able to submit him with an americana.

    After tiring out a bit I was landing in his guard which was fine cause I like setting myself up in a position where the guy attempts triangles or armbars so I can practice escaping them. I have a good pass when he attempts a triangle but I'm just muscling out of armbars so I need learn soke better technique.

    Tomorrow should be an hour of live rolling so I'm very excited. I plan on pulling guard a few times to practice getting out from bottom.
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    Great log. keep it up. Wrestling really helps in BJJ. The "pure" jiu-jitsu guys hate the fact that wrestlers know how to use their head/hands for defense, and don't mind being choked. Lol...
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    Saturdays are my favorite because it is the day I got to roll live. The first our is the beginner class but today was self defense so it was worthless in terms of learning any bjj. I did not mind though since I knew I was going to be going hard for awhile so I just used it as a warm up to get loosened up.

    The live goes were good. The first guy I rolled was was pretty inexperienced in bjj but he did wrestle in high school. He was extremely strong but he was using it all at once so he gassed pretty quickly. He was also very aggressive so I just waiting for him to make mistakes at first before getting the takedown. I again ended up in full mount but outside of a few basic submissions I was limited.

    After that I talked to my instructor about things I can add into my arsenal since I am always in that position. He showed me the s mount which is where you start out in high mount then rotate your leg so that your calf is underneath his head almost as if you are going for a triangle. From there you have complete control of him as he cant buck you off. From that position a variety of submissions are available. I tried working it a little but still need a lot more practice before i am comfortable securing the position.

    Secondly I went against a kid who was only 16 and significantly smaller than me so I tried to use more technique and less strength and wrestling. I only went with him briefly before switching over and going with his dad. He was more experienced and obviously bigger and stronger. I was not able to finish him with any submissions but I did get in mount repeteadly and take his back a few times.

    Afterwards he showed me a few tricks when you have the guys back as I struggled to finish from there. I also showed him some wrestling technique from the feet as him and his son started from their feet but lacked some basic fundamentals.

    I am looking forward to Monday as I am going to the morning class. Typically no one shows up to that class except for me and maybe one other kid so I get much more personal attention. I really like that instructor and he helps me combine my wrestling with bjj.

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    Today was a good session with one small problem. I wanted to stay extra and keep rolling but my girlfriend had me a on a tight leash so I had to get home right away.

    On mondays it is usually me the instructor and one or two other guys and that was the case again today. I was happy because we were working again from side mount.

    I apologize if my descriptions of the moves are not very good but I struggle to find a way to accurately bring them to life on here.

    Anyway we were working from side mount and all the moves came from getting an under hook on the shoulder pulling him up to his side and putting your knee on his belly. The goal is to really put a lot of pressure on him and make him uncomfortable so that he is not focusing on what you are attempting to do.

    The first move we went for was the armbar. You have him on his side and you swing your outside leg around his head while keeping it as close and tight to his body as possible. The leg that in which your knee is pinned to his body (in this case my right) simply pivots so that your heel slides into his armpit. It is a very fast and explosive transition and since he is on his side it does not take much prying of the armbar to make him tap.

    The second move was the kimura. It starts out in the same position of having him trapped on his side but if he tries to reach for your legs you push his head down and swing your leg around his body so that he is pinched between your two legs and your butt is essentially on his head. From here you pull his arm straight up to break his grip on your leg and then lock in your kimura grip and rip it behind his back in a L shape applying the pressure on his shoulder.

    At that point we went live rotating top bottom out. Unforunatley in my live goes i did not get to apply the two moves we learned partially becasue I had just learned them and also because the guys knew that is what I was looking for.

    I felt ok on bottom but again I need to get some more polish on my armbar defense. I am just using strength and flexibility to roll my way out of positions but against higher level guys that wont work. I also need to work on my sweeps as I am more just sitting up and leaving my neck exposed for chokes. Fortunately I was able to avoid any serious submission attempts.

    Overall I was happy because the instructor said the armbar from side mount would be perfect for me as it works well with my body type ie short compact frame. The guys with the longer legs were struggling because when they swing their leg around the guys head it creates too much space and he can escape.

    I was also happy because my instructor told me that he likes that I am actually trying to learn jiu jitsu and not just rely on my wrestling.

    Unfortunately I will be home for thanksgiving in New Jersey for the week so I wont get any practice in.

    I will however be wrestling with some high school kids so I am happy about that. Its been awhile since I have wrestled particularly against actual wrestlers.

    My sisters fiance also trains at Daddis Fight Club in New Jersey so I am going to see if I can go there once or twice.

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    Default Re: P-jerseys log

    Not much to speak on the last two days of training.

    Tuesday was mostly gi chokes and escapes from those chokes.

    Wednesday was escapes from the headlock position transitioning into armbars and kimuras.

    I did attend my first cross fit conditioning class. The first thing I realized is I am extremely out of shape at the moment. I can roll for awhile cause I can conserve energy at times but this circuit style training killed me. I want to continue to do that so I can get in shape for the competitions that are coming up.

    The pancrase world championships are in march and we are getting a team together. Obviously I will be in the white belt division but I am looking forward to it. By the time that rolls around I will have about 6 months of training along with my wrestling so I think i will be in a good position to do well. The one thing I am happy about is that there will be extra classes on saturday and sunday for people who will be competing so I am looking forward to getting the extra practice.

    Tonight I am going to the randori gi class. I did not realize I was able to go to this class so I am excited to get in there and roll.

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