Hey everyone, my log will be a little different as I am going to detail my bjj classes. Both the moves we learn and how I did during the live goes. I am also looking to start attending the cross fit conditioning classes and as soon as my apartment finishes our fitness center I will be working out there as well.

I go to High Altitude MA which is own and ran by Nathan Marquardt. So far the sessions have been going very well. I am learning quite a bit but there are so many details to learn. My wrestling has given me a major leg up as certain movements are tough for beginners to learn but for wrestlers its natural ie a basic hip heis.

So far in my live goes I have rolled with 5 or 6 3 stripe white belts and have been able to submit all of them. Because of wrestling I end up on top and typically in side mount. I have learned a few transitions and submissions from there which have allowed me to really control my opponents.

I was able to go against my one instructor who is a four stripe purple belt. Things were going well at first I was in the top position rotating from side mount to north/south position but eventually I ended up back in his guard where he latched on a very quick and slick arm bar.

Oh well I look forward to updating this thing. I will also go into detail about the likes and dislikes of bjj and how it compares and contrast to wrestling.

Tonight I have a class but it is only 45 minutes long so that would fall under one of the dislikes.