Hello all! My mission is to be a international wrestler someday, and Iam wondering if this enough training?


1.Wrestling training, about 1.5-2 hours
2.Plyometrics and balance board, about 1-1.5 hour


1. Running/Bike, Depends on what time it's in the season, start of the season the session is more longer (30-50 minutes) and Iam not running so fast, in the competition season the session is about 20 minutes and fast pace.
2.Wrestling training, 1.5-2 hours


1.Strength Training, 1-1.5 hours
2.Wrestling training, 1.5-2 hours


1.Running/Bike, Again it depends of the time of the season, start of the season I usually do longer session than tuesday, in the competition season I do interval which last for 7 minutes, 2 minutes very fast, 30 seconds jogging, 2 minutes very fast, 30 seconds jogging and one more 2 minutes very fast, so it's like full wrestling match.
2.Wrestling training, 1.5-2 hours


1.Strength training, 1-1.5 hours


1. Floorball (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floorball) as a goaltender, it trains my reflexes, flexibility and my agility.



So please tell me what does my program look like, and if you want more information, please ask.

And one more thing, my wrestling team is having only two offical training sessions per week (Tuesday and Thursday), so Iam training with my friend in monday and wednesday. My problem is that my training friend is moving away next month so do you think that I can still train tough (and maybe become good wrestler some day) by myself? I got wrestling doll in our team training place. Thank you.