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    I need some help. I'm currently coaching a new high school team that his little to no experience. It's a freestyle team and they are just learning the sport. Our space is very limited so I need to break the team into 2 groups- 1 wrestling and drilling while the other does off-mat training in the hall. They alternate throughout the practice.

    My question is in relation to the off-mat training. I'm running out of ideas of things to do in the hallway. Currently they do motion drills, handfighting, running, stairs and push-ups. Any other suggestions on what they can do for 10-15 minutes while the other group is on the mat?

    Thanks in advance.

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    hip heists, burpees,

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    hands stands, cart wheels, jump squats, buddy carries, wheel barrows, suicides..
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    You could do an Indian run through the halls

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