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    What are the best bodyweight exercises that will improve my wrestling on the mat?

    EDIT: Okay I researched and made another list after I lost my previous one. This isn't just for me now, this is also for you guys. Maybe you will benefit from it. Or maybe not.

    Piriformis Stretch -

    Stretch, his widener -

    Core loosener -

    Cobra STRETCH -

    Cat stretch -

    Full body exercises

    The stretcher -

    Upward dog -

    Mountain climbers -

    Jumping jack -

    Merry go round -

    Inch worm -

    Hindu pushup -

    Full bridge -

    Burpees -

    Upper body exercises

    Triangle push ups -

    Push ups -

    Handstand -

    Handstand push up -

    Dips -
    Lower body exercises

    Leg ups -

    Squat jumps -

    Wall sit -

    Wide squat -

    Lunges -

    Calf raises -

    Core and abs exercises

    Tibetan rite leg up -

    The boat -

    The prone bridge -

    Side bend -

    Rise and shine -

    Over the head leg lifts -

    High tai chi twist -
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