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    Hey guys

    I have a long-standing shoulder issue that's been flaring up when I work out, especially bench press (hurts when I lower the bar far down). Not sure what the issue is but it's something that's flared up on and off since my wrestling day.

    Ideas for things I could do to strenthen my shoulder, or modify my bench press so I can still do it without hurting myself

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    Lateral and front raises with elastic resistance bands

    Face pulls

    Floor press

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    Try slanting the bench -your bench will go way down but may put the muscles in the shoulder back in balance . if you have insurance get an MRI done as quickly as you can . If a torn muscle just rest it unless major tear . Best scenario would be scar tissue -you could have that scoped and be back in a month 90%.

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    r.payton is right, if you have constant pain see an orthopedic dr asap.
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    Yeah i had constant pain in my shoulder after the first tournament of the season, i thought it would just go away after a week or two, but i went in and got an MRI and it turns out my shoulder was seperated. So yeah, go see an otheropedic Doctor.
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    hi guys,,,
    I did a search, but didn't find specific exercises addressing this issue.All i can advice you regarding this is that the lack of flexibility can predispose the shoulder to being separated or what is called "dead arm syndrome" with extreme pain and discomfort. You must not place additional stress on the should area through improper techniques.

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