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Thread: Not getting ringworm

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    Quote Originally Posted by rich1990 View Post
    Thanks for the answer, especially finding out that bacteria doesn't cause the worm but its a fungus instead. No wonder antibacterial stuff wasn't working for me. The mats at my school are disinfected after every time they are used but I don't know when we're at another school.

    I do all the rest of the suggestions - always shower, always use clean towel and don't let gear sit and stink.

    Also thanks for the recommendation of the products at matfish. I took a look and that Defense line looks fairly cheap and it says it takes care of bacteria and fungus. Anyone try that particular stuff?
    It is probably the most popular brand (though that doesn't always transfer to being the best.) Kenshield's foam was what I always used and I never got a mat disease.

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    Kenshield is my favorite - but they have changed the name (I don't know if the formulation has changed) to KS Skin Creme. I am still using a couple of cans of the old Kenshield until they are finished (this season) and then will try the new stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M Richardson View Post
    I read a study done at one of the east coast wrestling schools (can't remember which school) that used Selsun Blue. They washed the effected area with the shampoo prior to applying anti-fungal medication. Using the shampoo greatly aided in clearing up the infection shortening the time frame for healing considerably. I don't recall them using it as a prophylactic measure. It is VERY drying. I would be concerned about drying the skin and causing small fissures - which then act as places for the fungus to get started. Any good soap should be sufficient for body hygene.

    Schlottke - how did I forget towels?
    We generally all used it when there was a high risk of infection (ie a teammate with ringworm) and used regular shampoo or soap the rest of the time.

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    Not a bad idea.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    Anybody who is interested can email me at and I will send back a skin infection guide, a paper on prevention and a paper explaining your skin flora. There is a lot to learn about fighting skin infections. The better we educate ourselves and our wrestlers the better chance we have of avoiding these infections. I will not keep any email addresses in response to this post. Once I send you the requested information I will delete your email address.


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    I found a product called DefenseSoap on the internet that claims to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Ity also says it it is at effective defense against MRSA, Ringworm, Impetigo, Staph, and Herpes and all this without the chemical triclosan.

    My boys use it and they are disease free after 3 years of wrestling. We had one case of ringworm and a mysterious rash about 6 months before finding and starting to use DefenseSoap. Nothing else since then.

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    Gentlemen, ringworm is a fungus and fungus tends to multiply in dark humid environment, similar to the way mushrooms grow. I am a junior high coach in Miami, and the High school that I feed into had an outbreak of ringworms. Even though they cleaned their mats thoroughly, I strongly advised them to clean their mats BEFORE practice instead of after. Cleaning the mats after practice and then rolling them up (as is usually done), you are trapping water particles in a dark ambience, therefore creating the perfect environment for the fungus to grow. The important thing to keep in mind here is that whether you wash the mats before or after practice, the mat needs to dry before they are rolled up.

    Hope this helps,
    Coach Serralta

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    Selsen Blue works amazing. I used to get 3-4 ringworms a season then I started using it and haven't gotten one since. (a little over 2 years)
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    Selsen Blue will kill the fungus (tinea) that causes ringworm but it will not protect you from the abundance of bacterial and viral infections out there. That is why at Defense we created a soap who's active ingredients have been proven effective against all three types of infections.

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