Im wrestling 150 this year and I have a fast metabolism, this is what my diet looks like.

In the morning I mix a few sausage patties with a few eggs and some form of carb (If im running lae I just grab a few slices of wheat bread. Some kind of juice with my animal pack.

Lunch, I usually either eat pizza (as I said I have a fast metabolism so I can do this) or Ill eat a peanutbutter sandwich with some whey protein and water (probably the beter choice).

before practice Ill eat a carb or a power bar, a banana,half a gatorade and 8oz water w/ creatine.

After practice I take Torrent post workout to recover. 30 minutes later Ill eat another carb (pasta, peanutbutter sandwich...) with a protein.

Dinner (depending on how late my post practice meal is) Ill eat whatever the family makes, its usually grilled and healthy soo its fine.

Before bed Ill eat a ittle left over from dinner maybe and a yogurt.

What do you guys do? Got any suggestions/tips for mine?