I am 130 pounds and 16 years old. I habe VERY low fat and I'm mostly muscle. I would say I am about 5'9 feet. I've been wrestling for 3 years since middle school and I'm pretty fond of the sport. This isn't counting last year when I couldn't wrestle due to injury of 2 broken bones. Right now I am a junior and I am joining wrestling yet again. I have big goals for this year planning to be the best that I can be and pushing myself to the limit. I'm aiming to be a state champion if not, at least a district champion. You might laugh at me but this is my goal and I'm going to try my best at it, succeed or fail isn't the matter; But it is the journey there that counts.

I need help from you guys in achieving this. I need to know exactly what exercises I should be doing on a regular basis, how many, how often, at what intensity, etc. Also, what should I be focusing on? I need you guys to set me a list of things I should do; and I will act accordingly.

Right now I am doing low reps with heavy weight trying to gain as much muscle bulk as I can. Which I know may not be the smartest decision for my conditioning. I am also working on my conditioning with mostly jogs. Should be focusing more on muscle endurance by bodyweight training? Should I do more sprints and less jogs?