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Thread: TABATA vs HIIT

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    hey, i want to know which is better to get ready for wrestling. i am doing cardio and i want to know if i should do tabata training ( 20 seconds sprint, 10 seconds rest, 8 sets, 4 minutes total) or HIIT (30 seconds sprint, 60-90 seconds rest, 8-12ish sets, about 12-15 minutes). thank you in advance

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    I like them both and use both for different exercises. I like to do tabata w/ kettlebells, ropes, clubbells etc and I like to do hit w/ burpees, box jumps, sprints. Either way, you are going to get a tremendous workout.
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    thanks alot that really helped im definetely going to do both.

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    Default Re: TABATA vs HIIT has a lot on Tabatas and whether they're effective or not.

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    hey, thanks the website looks good. but do you know where i can find the tabatas?

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    You'll have to dig through the forums/articles, however, here's a nice little scientific study that concludes that:

    1) Intervals and HIIT are not the only things you should be doing
    2) Most tabatas... aren't tabatas, because the original tabata regimen was super specific

    Kind of kills Crossfit huh?

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