I was talking to my buddy and he said that he's gonna do a half marathon here in Phoenix in mid-January, and at first I LOL'ed at him and just said "have fun w/ that!". But as I think I've said before on this forum, the only way I can bring myself to work out consistently and not be a fat POS is to make a bet or commit to doing something. I lost 20 pounds a few month ago after making a bet w/ my dad, but have gained about half of that back just being lazy and eating like crap. So I think I'm going to tell my friend that i'll do the half marathon w/ him, because then I will have to get my act together. I could probably only run a mile before getting super tired right now. You guys have any suggestions as to how far I need to be running for my training at x amount of time before the actual race, etc? The longest I've ever ran was probably 5ish miles, fwiw.