After roughly 1.75 months of doing Mark Rippetoe's starting strength, I will post my overall results.

5RM Back Squat: 115lb
1RM Flat Bench: 140lb
1RM Deadlift: 225lb
1RM Standing Military Press: 115lb
1RM Powerclean: 140lb

5RM Back Squat: 205lb
1RM Flat Bench: 180lb
1RM Deadlift: 285lb
1RM Standing Military Press: 135lb
1RM Powerclean: 180lb

+28.57% Flat Bench
+26.60% Deadlift
+17.39% Standing Military Press
+28.57% Powerclean

The biggest increase:
+78.26% Back Squat using 5RM data ALONE

I've finished this program about 2-3 months earlier but have been too busy to post. I remained inactive for about 1.5 months and still found that I can Deadlift/Military Press/Squat the same amount. The Bench/Powerclean 1RM has been lowered by a good 10-15lbs, however, it can be said that I've still gained a permanent +20% increase in those areas.

As for mat efficiency, I feel naturally stronger and surprisingly, I don't fatigue anymore then I used to. I've noticed more muscle mass, but not to the point where it bogs me down. It's actually very subtle.

Weight wise...

Before) 125.5lb
After) 128lb

I'm a little bit heavier, but a lot stronger. Would I recommend this program? Hell yes. It's a great introduction into efficient weight lifting, and for the more experienced lifters it is a great maximal strength program despite what the name (Starting Strength) suggest.

WARNING THOUGH: Be careful with the technique. I recommend having a coach experienced enough in heavy lifting to help you not hurt yourself. I did not have anyone to work with except my brother, so we used an empty Olympic Bar to work on technique while gradually adding weight. We filmed ourselves lifting, studied it, and made changes until our technique was near perfect. We did this for about a week before we got started with the program. The heavy lifting DID strain my already injured neck, however, my Doctor told me that it was inevitable, any exercise pertaining to the neck would have hurt me at that point.

Well, that's an in depth analysis. I'll be starting an endurance block next. I'll keep posted ;P