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Thread: The Case Against Powercleans - their worthless?!

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    Default The Case Against Powercleans - their worthless?!

    An article against powercleans for wrestling. Your thoughts? I'm at a lost here, Rippetoe's program advocates powercleans and I've been doing it for about 3 weeks now, should I just switch to bent over rows?

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    I think they're beneficial, definitely....but they can do funky stuff with your body. THey are really helpful and benefit basically all of your muscles, create new nerve pathways and help with other things like speed, explosiveness....but, if you do too many of them, or do them too often, they can really hurt you. You really need time to recover from them or else it can be harmful. I would just say with rest and with good form, they are IMO top four or top five most beneficial lifts, along with squat, DL, and pull ups.
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