I actually like the idea of this forum to help keep folks accountable. I need that. Long story made short, lettered in 2 sports in college and played 6 years of semi pro soccer then played in premiere leagues until I was 37 or 38. In college 5? 11? and weighed 185-190, after college best condition around 205 and 7% body fat. Now up to 260 and have been down as low as 245. I tore a hamstring, and rotator within a week of each other and got lazy, just the truth. Currently at 260, 26% and wanting to get down the weight and body fat.

I am 1/6th Cherokee and everyone in my family has diabetes, I am no exception. Recently doing 3 jobs has messed me up, pretty bad. I may have to quit the one job which requires various hours and far more hours than originally agreed on.

Five years ago, maxing on 6 set pyrimids bench of 285 for the 6th set of 4-6 reps and squats at 475 on the 6th set of 4-6 and leg press of 1,200 on the 6th set at 4-6, (only hit legs 1X per week) My weak point is my shoulders and press movements there max at 120-135. These will give some idea of core strength and movement. I am pretty confident I can get most if not all of the leg strength back, will take a ton of work to get back to chest strength. My main thing though is weight off, cardio increase, and basic strength up while fat way down.

For the last 2 weeks I have been getting in my cardio, minimum of 20-30 minutes on average 5X?s per week. This week I increase my time, and level of cardio, increasing the heart rate.

I have done very well on my diet, but having trouble regulating diet and medications due to job. That has produced some serious consequences and won?t go into detail here, other than to say, after seeing the doc last week, they are SERIOUS! On the cardio, I am also doing more fun things to increase this, for example, playing golf more (I prefer to walk) riding bike, (living in the country has it?s benefits I wasn?t expecting) as well as other things that will add to aerobic style exercise. The primary issue for me here isn?t being lazy, it is finding the time, working upwards of 70 hours a week now on a regular basis makes things tough.

This week I plan on starting up the weight regiment again, I have loved that in the past and will continue that hopefully w/o injury as I did have the injury in the past to the rotator as a result of lifting too much. I will also play at least one upwards of 2 18 holes of golf a week where I walk it.

Anyway, will post more of routine and progress here, again I appreciate the support, encouragement and accountability. My diet has really been doing pretty well as I don?t eat any of the white poisons, sugar, white flour, or salt, and has a pretty good vitamin & nutrient supplementation.

Any suggestions and all appreciated.