So, my goal is to reach next freestyle season weighing around 220 and have less than 10% body fat. I have started lifting hard and heavy again, and have seen gains in a surprisingly short period of time. Right now, I weigh about 205 and have maybe 12 or 13% BF. I have started dieting and am trying to lose "soft weight". I have been losing fat, but my weight has stayed the same since starting (due to the gains). Anyways, what supplements should I take to help me gain (I eat a lot of natural protein, so I don't really need powder), speed up my metabolism, and help me gain strength, as fast as possible? I have next to no supplements (glutamine and BCAA tablets are it), so, whatever helps here. I lift hard almost everyday, so I can use what I get. Also, I need a diet to help me keep losing body fat. Thanks.