Hey, everyone.
Lately, I have really re-dedicated myself. I have been lifting really hard as well as running my ass off, everyday. I had been seriously slacking before hand, and decided not to half-ass anything. I have had good results....my body fat has decreased significantly, and on top of that, I have grown a good amount of muscle, all in very, very short time (two weeks or so). My chest has really filled out in just a short time, and my lats are getting back to size as well (before I injured my shoulder). But, I have a question. How lenient should I be with rest? I really have been hitting fourth gear every time I work out, and I was doing hardly anything before hand. It was a large leap, to say the least. I feel like I may be getting burnt out because I didn't give myself time to adjust. Should I just suck it up and push harder (what I want to do, preferably), or should I hold back a little for now? Is there anything bad that can happen from jumping in to everything too quickly? Thanks.