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Thread: Just started, can't walk!

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    Read some of the workouts here which really motivated me to start lifting again. So I went to the gym and did mostly compound exercises -
    Clean and press
    Assisted dips
    lat pulldown (because I am really heavy)

    I aimed for 3x5 reps on each excercise, aiming to do this twice a week, and then the other 2 times a week - cardio sprints and expolsive plyometrics.

    I cannot move today. Really, I feel like my body has been thrown into a laundry machine - and although it hurts - it feels great.

    Just wanted to say thanks, and that this forum is amazing.
    I used to wrestle Freestyle and now 10 years later I am a fat yet athletic 30 year old. Want to really get back into that wrestling shape!

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    Don't over do it.. remember to stretch and incorporate joint mobility work in w? your workout.
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    I am going to take your advice on the stretching and joint mobility! I think its going to benefit me big time!

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