Apparently this is what Randy Cotoure does and I've been doing it. I'm wondering how others feel when they're done. I typically do this twice one time per week with a 10 minute break between runs. Randy does it and then lifts weights for a while and then does it again and repeats the cycle a few times. Obviously he is better at it than I am but that is expected since I'm not an elite athlete and work a desk job.

Treadmill for 5 minutes:
7 mph at 1% incline - 1 min.
7.5 mph at 2% incline - 1 min.
8.0 mph at 3% incline - 1 min.
8.5 mph at 4% incline - 1 min.
9.0 mph at 5% incline - 1 min.

Personally, when I'm done I'm gasping for air pretty good. After my 2 5-minute runs I then lift weights (upper body) for about an hour and then burn another 750 calories on the treadmill going about 3.2 mph at 15% incline. The rest of the day my pulse rate is over 70 bpm and I think a big part of that has to do with the two 5 minute runs. Takes a lot out of me.