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    What is your opinion, from a wrestler's perspective, on Rippetoe's Starting Strength? For those not in the know, the program is as follows:

    Workout Schedule:
    2 workouts, A and B
    Performed every other day in intervals

    Monday- Workout A
    Wendsday- Workout B
    Friday- Workout A
    Monday- Workout B
    Wendsday- Workout A

    The Workouts:
    Workout A
    3x5 Squat
    3x5 Flat Bench Press
    1x5 Deadlift

    Workout B
    3x5 Squat
    3x5 Standing Military Press
    3x5 Powercleans/Rows

    Rippetoe claims that the average client gains 20-40 pounds while doing this program. I have no idea if this claim is true, but I highly doubt I'll gain that much weight in the alloted time.

    Now my question is: Would you recommend this program for a wrestler in the offseason? I've browsed some threads containing questions about strength training and what I've got from it was that kettlebells, olympic lifts, and bodyweight training are the best route. Rippetoe's Starting Strength program is based on 3-4 major resistance exercises rather then the traditional wrestling orientations.

    How much is "too much" muscle? By gaining massive lean muscle, will you restrict your oxygen intake? How will it affect your wrestling?

    My goal is to gain lean muscle and, more importantly, strength. I've never really been on an actual strength program for longer then 3 months, and I alway (as far as I can remember) tend to neglect my lower body. Rippetoe's program promises strenght through squats and whatnot. The problem is I have no idea wether it will be detrimental to wrestling or not. I know that specific sports training is a huge misconception but I still want an experienced opinion about this program. I'm looking to gain 8-15 pounds.

    My final year is coming up and I want to be the strongest, most conditioned wrestler I can be (of coyrse I won't neglect technique).

    Thanks in advance.
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