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Thread: Training tips for middle school wrestler.

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    Well Hello to all.. I am very new at this but I thought I would try to get some advice.. I was a wrestler back in the day, now my son is wrestling. He is 11 and weighs 60. next year (7th) he will be on the middle school team. The lowest weight clas is 85lbs. what should I be doing between now and next year to insure that he is in the best shape, he can be in.. I know he will be growing, but I doubt he will put on 25lbs without some sort of help.. We are small framed people...(he, myself and his mother) Thanks for any info....

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    have Him do Lots Of Cardio and Workouts that dont require weights unless it light weight you dont want to syunt his Growth Like Mostly he should Do Sprints Push Ups Sit ups Squats Trunk Lifts Neck Bridging and Long Distance Runs Calf raises Burpees With or without Push ups jump Rope Finger Tip Push ups Rope pully Workouts both for Grip Sledge Hammer Workouts Cardio Grip And Over All Strength TRctor tire Fliping you an also use the tire for slegehammers The Thing thats good about hime being this small is that if he gets stronger he will be REally Strong Without Weighing Alot Lunges Are Really Good Get Him To do Alot of Stretching Dynamic Stretching Too Get Him Used To Wrestling Stance and do Sprawl Drills Since he still has about a year till his Next Wrestling Season if he does this he will be a beast at the 85 lbs Weight Class Good luck hopefully he can win State
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    Hey Janitor,
    Thanks for the post. All those things sound excellent!! I wasn't to sure about the weight lifting part. I was going to pick up some dumbells, I guess I will stick with push ups, pull ups and mix in some of the other drills!! Thaanks a bunch!!

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