I say yes it is.

I am 6'3" 210 lbs. I exercise 3 to 5 times per week. My icon is my own picture so you can see that @ 47 years old, I am no slouch.

If you are an athlete or in training or just someone who wants to eat healthier but are afraid of the classic "lack of protein" in the diet, here is a list of my diet for the last 2 days:

3 packets Organic Oatmeal 18 grams
1/4 cup organic cottage cheese 7 grams
3 hard boiled organic eggs 18 grams
4 slices of Ezekial Bread, (sprouted grains) 16 grams
4 Tbsp organic almond butter 14 grams
1 cup organic soy milk 7 grams
3 cups of organic tomato soup (made with soy milk) 11 grams
1 organic rice cake 1 gram
Total 92 grams

8 organic stone ground wheat crackers 2 grams
8 Tbsps Organic Hummus 10 grams
1/4 cup organic cottage cheese 7 grams
1/2 cup soy yogurt 6 grams
Odwalla 12 oz Protein drink 33 grams
1 green organic protein bar 10 grams
3 organic hard boiled eggs 18 grams
4 oz organic whole grain cereal 12 grams
1 cup organic soy milk 7 grams
Total 105 grams

Notice that just about everything I eat is organic. It is more expensive BUT it is much better for you in the long run as pesticides & herbicides have been proven to be stored in the liver & body tissues & create health problems later in life.

Also I am not a STRICT vegetarian as I eat SOME dairy as long as it has probiotics, (good bacteria found in the intestinal tract from fermented foods like yogurt & sauerkraut) that strengthen your immune system.

If you are worried about cholesterol in eggs, don't be. A few tbsps of Lecithin daily emulsifies the fats in the bloodstream.

I do eat a steak about once every 2 years & I have chicken breast about 2-3 times a month. I always get animal meats that are NO growth hormone, NO antibiotics, organically grown. Grass fed beef is best, (not grain fed) as the animal will have a higher mineral content in it's body & be healthier. Free range chickens also are healthier.

I also eat quite a bit of edible algaes & sea vegetables, some of which are very high in assimilable proteins & minerals. I have had bad injuries heal incredibly fast consuming large amounts of these foods. They are amazing.

I also drink 1 to 2 gallons per day of alkaline water. It helps recovery times incredibly.

Hope this helps you out in trying to FIT & Healthy as those 2 things don't always go hand & hand.