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Thread: Wrestling Practice Routines

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    Sunny Day! Wrestling Practice Routines

    Wanted to get some input on Wrestling Practice Routines...


    Any sample detailed practice outlines would be great.

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    Default Re: Wrestling Practice Routines

    Here is a fairly common practice for us.

    I.Setup and clean mats?3:30 PM
    II.Circle?3:30 PM
    a.Add Karaoke
    III.Stretch?3:35 PM
    IV.Calisthenics?3:50 PM
    a.Wall Shots
    b.Wheel Barrow
    c.Piggy Sprawl
    d.Shot re-shot
    e.Leap frog shots
    V.Circle and Breakdown?3:55 PM?be tough on the bottom.
    a.Review good position on top and on bottom
    b.From a short sit and from your base
    c.Sit and Follow
    VI.Hand Fighting?4:00 PM
    a.Be physical'
    b.Be aggressive
    c.Finish Hard
    d.Keep score???
    VII.Small Circle Drill?4:05 PM
    VIII.Blast Double on the whistle?4:07 PM
    IX.Inside standup on whistle?4:12 PM
    X.Breakdown on whistle?4:17 PM
    XI.Sprints?4:22 PM
    XII.Spiral Ride?4:25 PM
    XIII.Bar Series ?4:30 PM
    XIV.Sprints?4:45 PM
    XV.Take-downs?5:00 PM
    a.switching partners
    XVI.Standup pop our hips?5:10 PM
    XVII.Blast Double on Whistle?5:15 PM
    XVIII.Standup on Whistle?5:20 PM
    XIX.Breakdown on Whistle?5:25 PM
    XX.Live Wrestling if time permits

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    Default Re: Wrestling Practice Routines

    Ours is usually something like this:

    Warm-up (total of 30-45 minutes):
    -15-20 minutes of playing soccer
    -10-15 minutes of doing different kinds of somersaults, flips and jumps. Variation for this is to do strength training with partner, like squat lunges while you are carrying your partner in your back. If we are doing strength training with partner it usually takes us little longer, something like 25 to 30 minutes.
    -10 minutes of stretching + neck exercises

    Wrestling (total of 60-65 minutes):
    Standing part (total of 25-30 minutes)
    -20 minutes of sparring. 3-4x5 minute rounds, after each round we do 10-15 reps of some calisthenics exercise like push-ups or rope climbing, then we switch partners.
    -10 minutes of technique, throwing wrestling doll or partner
    Mat part (total of 15-20 minutes)
    -10 minutes of different kinds of lifts
    -10 minutes of sparring, 2-3x4 minute rounds, top position switch after 2 minutes.
    Matches (total of 10-15 minutes)
    -2 minute rounds, someone goes to the middle of the mat and stays there for two (sometimes even three if there's enough wrestlers) matches straight, then the middle guy changes. Everyone will get at least two matches with no breaks between.

    Cool down:
    -10 to 15 minutes of calisthenics and stretching

    That's the usual base of our training, our coach is from Estonia so we train with the Eastern way. All in all, our training session lasts for 90 to 120 minutes.

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