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    I've read through the posts and haven't quite found what I am looking for. Im looking for a basic 5 day work out with sets and reps. I'm looking for a work out that includes the core lifts such as a cleans, deadlifts, squats bench and the assisting exercises (tricep extensions, curls, shoulds) stuff like that. I've searched the internet, but with little worth while outcome. I've wrestled in the past and am now a 24 year old Marine who has been working out and eating right religiously for the past 6 years in the Marine Corps. The best shape I've been in was during wrestling season. I'm asking my fellow wrestlers to help me configure an Ideal work out. Like I said, I am looking for free weights and cardio help. Any help would be awesome. Thanks guys!

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    First of all, welcome to the board. I am a big fan of these sites, check out Steve Cotter at or . I am big proponent of kettlebell training. I have had tremendous success using them. They can be expensive, but the investment has been worth it for me.
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    a lot of your fellow marines should be crossfitting.
    but then again, i may be retarded

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    yeah, the are crossfitting, but thats not what I'm wanting to do. thanks for the responses!

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    you can do what you want, but crossfit really incorporates all of the lifts that you are talking about. it just compresses them into a short more intense workout. kettlebell training can also provide the power and endurance that you seem to be looking for.
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    You shouldn't do all that isolation as you were talking about the curls and stuff. Stick to multi-joint lifts or compound lifts. I mean your body is a unit not a bunch of different muscle groups so why would you train it like that?

    I recommend you check out Zach Even Esh on YouTube.

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    here is a quick template of what i do-- but keep in mind that i'm only getting 1 day a week of mat time-- wrestling is resistance work, so keep recovery in mind

    day 1- squats-- nx10
    depth drops nx5
    i do these as a superset- i do the depth drops between squat sets-- when i can no longer get 10 reps with good form on the squats, i'm done with both
    chins--4 sets till failure
    bench-- nx5--again-- once i can't get 5 with good form-- i'm done

    day 2- sprint work-- i've abandon solid state endurance-
    5 sets of 5 sprints @ 30 yards-- 20 pushups between sets

    day 3-- i wrestle

    day 4-- do these in a circuit
    deads or cleans-- nx5
    dips-- till failure
    chins-- till failure

    once i can't get 5 deads or cleans with good form i'm done

    day 5-- sprints again-- about 100 yards-- jog back to start, go again-- 10-15 sprints -- give or take how i'm feeling

    again-- i only wrestle one day a week, and i'm not competing, just staying in good shape and wrestling because i enjoy it


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    Do you mind just elaborating more on whether you're looking to concentrate more on cardio/conditioning or strength training, or both? Crossfit is good if you're looking for a balanced training regimen with lots of free weight/barbell lifts and high intensity cardio - you would just augment it a little bit with some assistance lifts and it would fit the description for something you were looking for.

    Also, it depends on your idea of what cardio is. For actual cardiac health, abandoning steady state cardio is not an ideal choice, and is the preferred method for developing. For straight weight maintenance and fat loss, intervals are superior. It wouldn't make much sense to abandon either one as they both have their benefits in a program designed for a recreation athlete wanting to maintain good shape.

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