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Thread: Losing 5-10 pounds

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    Electric!! Losing 5-10 pounds

    Hey Guys. I found out that I have to lose weight for our hydration test and I weigh 130. i wanna lose 5 to 10 pounds because if i go 130 im gonna get killed out there. It's in two weeks. Any tips or advice on losing that much weight? thanks guys.

    -Baldwin High Wrestler(maui)

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    How long until your hydration test? Almost 10% of your body weight is significant, so slow and steady through diet and exercise. I do not recommend other ways...
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    Im almost hungry everytime now. is that bad?

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    Yes, that is bad. You are depriving your body of the energy it needs.

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    dude just cut the weight and then in ur boxers bring a little bottle of tylenol full of warm water, then fill the cup of pee up with 3/4ths water, 1/4th pee and you'll pass the test.
    do you go to a prep school?

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