Monday - 4 mile power walk with the dog. Followed by many many 12 ounce curls.

Tuesday - Leg Press 400-8, 620-6, 710-5, 800-4. Bench 135-10, 185-6, 205-4. Bent over d-bell rolls 2x8 85lbs each arm. Seated rolls 2x10 150. Curls 2x8 40lbs each arm. tri-cep pulldowns 2x8 70lbs. Light drilling/wrestling (mostly as dummie) with a 90lb girl for 30 minutes - got a good sweat going. Bleachers; run up, run down, jog to the next up and down for 8 minutes. Mostly run up, and walk the rest for 7 minutes. One mile worth of a walk to and from bleachers. Currently working on the 12 oz curls (alternate arms everyday).