this is gonna be my 2nd year wrestling in high school im in 10th grade
im wrestling the same weight last year, last year i was 108 and now im 114-115 dropping to 12, ive never dropped weight so any tips or just cut fat, im very skinny and i dont have that much fat on me.
also after weigh ins what should i eat/drink cuz ive had matches were ive had a pb and j and a bottle of watter and i was gagging it up by the 3rd round and 3rd cardio
right now im doing interval training for 20min excluding the 5min warmup/ doing it at 4mph 1min/9mph 1 that good for high school wrestling and if not, how much should i increase the sprinting at to be really in shape and know im good to go with cardio and yes im lifting weights before i run