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    Hi, Iam from Germany, I do Karate and I want to improve my wrestling ability. Iam asking for video links where the fundamentals are explained. Something like how to stand, what are underhooks etc. Stuff you would teach a beginner at his first day.

    Also, how much strength is needed to be a good lifter? Iam 173 centimeters and weigh 74 Kilogramms. My maxes are:

    Bench : 115 Kilogramms
    Squat: 140 Kilogramms
    Deadlift: 160 Kilogramms



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    youtube actually has tons of stuff, otherwise you probably have to pay for it. Colat puts stuff up on youtube and many others.

    Stop by the mmaforum and talk to Adolf - he's also from Germany (and fluent in German). He is also very good at judo
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