I finally have access to my school's gym (my coach finally grew a brain and decided "Hey! Maybe I should open the weight room for once like every other school!") so I'm thinking about doing a 5x5 program, 3 day split, with olympic lifts incorporated. The other two days I have wrestling and conditioning pratice at another school (my coach has yet to figure out we should start preseason pratice).

Now that my school's gym is open, no more caveman workouts.. I want to start hitting the weights. The school has no kettlebells and I'm out of money as it is (all the offseason tournaments as well as the rest of my money going into preseason tournaments).

My question is, would incorporating Olympic lifts be good or not? I've heard some members say that it's not neccassary, others said that it was great. I'm clueless. I've googled, and again, mixed results.

If it is good, can someone please give me a example template of a routine I can incorporate?

Thanks in advance!