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Thread: grecowrestler13 Workout Log

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    Thanks for the replys guys. These days Im weighing in between 139-143.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grecowrestler13 View Post
    Thanks for the replys guys. These days Im weighing in between 139-143.
    ill be even more impressed if you tell me you're also 6 ft tall or something like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by mir20052 View Post
    ill be even more impressed if you tell me you're also 6 ft tall or something like that
    Almost 6 feet I'm like 5'10 or almost 5'11 right now. Give me another month or two and I'll get there.

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    Bench Press-3x5 @175lbs

    Overhead Press-3x5 @115lbs

    Hanging Knee Raises-6x20


    OHP w/Band-5x15


    5 Sets of 150yd Sprints.

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    Squats-3x5 @205lbs


    Seated Calf Raises-4x15

    Hanging Knee Raises-6x20


    Curls w/Band-5x20

    Standing Calf Raises-4x15 @195lbs

    Deadlift-3x3 @245lbs

    5 Sets of 150yd Sprints.

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    Why are you doing 3x5 and 4xF?

    Is 3x5 better for gaining strength than 5x5 or something? If you have a better program than 5x5 please tell me so. I'm going to get my own gym membership soon so I won't have to rely on my lazy friend anymore. And I'm going to a good gym that is nearby that has free weights not just smith machines. And I'll do weightlifting regularly per week including wrestling practice (I think my body can handle it no problem).
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    Since I moved up from 200lbs 3 days ago I kinda knew I wasn't going to be able to get another 2 sets. I barely got all 5x5 for 200lbs but managed to. Whenever I plan a certain amount of weight/sets/reps for an exercise, I make sure and I know I can get it. So I decided to 3x5 for 205. I most likely could have and should have done another 2 sets but I real tired.

    Also, I don't always follow the 5x5 program. The amount of set/reps that I do really depend on how much weight I'm using. Whenever I train with barbell exercises(bench,dead,squat) I always use 80% of my 1RM or higher. Usually I never go lower than that. Soooo If I'm training with about 80% I usually use the 5x5 or 3x5, but 5x5 most of the time. As I go higher reps usually go lower and sets differ(usually 5 and higher). Really hard to explain over the internet, but I hope you get what I'm saying. Anyway, when you train with 5x5, I think you are usually using 75%-80% of your 1RM, but thats just my opinion.

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    Every 3-5 weeks I like to change the weight, reps, and sets for all barbell exercises I do. So say I do 5x5 with 80% of 1RM for 5 weeks. The next week I might do 6x2 with 95% of 1Rm for next 3-5 weeks. Or I might go like 5x3 with 90% of 1RM. I do this so I can "shock" my body into growth. For example: After like using 90% of my 1RM for all barbell exercises for more than 5 weeks, my body will get bored or stale of this and stop making progress. Because of all the stress my CNS has been under with that 90% of weight. So in order to keep my strength and muscle coming I switch the amount of weight, reps, and sets used so I can "shock" my muscle into growth. I might either drop or add 20lbs every session, I don't know. I don't want my body getting bored of the same amount of weight, sets, and reps used for numerous weeks and stop making progress. So in response I just move things around a bit to "shock" myself.

    I found this on the web. It suggests how many reps and lifts to use for a certain amount percentage of your 1RM used. It was created by Russian Olympic Weightlifting Head Coach A.S. Prilepin.

    Percent........Reps per Set.....Optimal Amount of Lifts.....Range

    70% & Below........3-6................24......................18-30




    Optimal amount of lifts means means how many reps to perform during your work load. So for example: If lifting with 80% then do something like 6 Sets of 3 or 5 Sets of 3 or 8 Sets of 3. Following me? Thousands of successful weightlifters, powerlifters, and strength trainers use this table to train off of and have gotten great results. Westsides entire system is based off this.

    The combinations are nearly endless. Why the broad range? Well, the Russians realized that everyone reacts differently to a training program. So, if I react better to higher reps, I would do six reps per set. But if you react better to low reps, you would do three reps per set.

    Prilepin also knew that in training there will be good days and bad days. If you were scheduled to do six sets of three but you’re killing it, you can keep it going and do up to (but not beyond) eight sets. The same holds true if things aren’t going your way. For example, you had a rough night of sleep or the kids kept you up. Whatever the case may be, if you’re grinding it out, only do four sets.

    Look him up. There's alot more great stuff.
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    Great info
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