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Thread: JensenS' Workout Log

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    I'm going to school to be a history teacher, and I plan on coaching wrestling once I get a job somewhere.

    I've debated about the BJJ thing if I could find a solid spot as well as considering some other stuff.
    BJJ is great fun. We as wrestlers have a distinct advantage in the takedowns, wrist control, use of the head/hands defense. Getting used to being on your back, and relaxing was the hardest thing for me to learn. Gi bjj is really humbling, but fun as hell.
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    2x6, 2x4 Squats @275, 300
    4x6 Manmakers @40
    5x5 Pull ups
    4x12 Dips
    4x15 Hanging Knee Raises

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    Warm Up (Run 1 mile, 7 minute pace)
    2x8, 2x6 Bench @185, 205
    1x8, 2x6, 2x4 Front Squats @185, 205, 225
    3x15 SL Deads @135
    4x12 Plate Swings @45

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    Warm Up (Interval Run 1 Mile: 7 Minutes)
    4x8 Overhead Squats* @155
    5x5 1 Arm DB Snatches @70
    3x10 Lat Pulls @130
    3x10 Hanging Knee Raises

    *First time I've done these at my gym in my hometown since I dropped the weight on my head back in August.

    Failed on the first snatch attempt on the last set, but got it the second time. Then most importantly I did not drop the weight on my head.

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    Warm Up (Interval Mile...7 minutes)
    1x1 minute, 2x15 Plate Swings @45
    4x6 Pull Ups
    4x12 Dips

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    3x5, 1x3, 1x1 Squats @285, 310, 335
    4x8 Standing DB Push Press @55
    3x10 Lat Pulls @135
    4x15 Plate Swings @45
    5x5 Pull ups
    4x15 Hanging Knee Raises

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    Warm Up (Interval Mile)
    2x6, 3x3 Bench @205, 225
    1x8, 2x6, 2x4 Front Squat @185, 205, 225
    4x12 Dips

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    Warm Up (10 Minutes Intervals...1 min 3 mph, 1 min 6.5 mph, 1 min 10 mph...)
    3x8 Incline Bench @165
    3x15 SL Deads @135
    4x6 Man Makers @40
    3x12 T-Bar Rows @90
    1x21's Curls @50

    Kind of unorganized, but still got in and moved the weight.

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    What kind of lat pulls are you doing? Is that with each arm?
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