Hey all,
I assist coach for the local youth club. I am 36, 5'5 ,160 lbs and want to be able to wrestle around with some of the kids without injury. Last season I was plagued with injuries from a pulled hamstring or quad to strained hip flexor. I am now just getting over a strained calf muscle.
I think I have addressed some of the underlying problems with my muscles, by wearing my orthotics, drinking a lot more water, and warming up better.

I want to do strength and flexibility excercises (caveman type workout) that will make me overall fit and also relate to the sport of wrestling. I don't care about bulking up with isolation excercises that seem to increase my injury rate. I bought Mike Mahler's kettlebell DVD and made a couple homemade KB's so I would like to incorporate some KB excercises.

Let me hear some routine ideas from you guys, the only other thing I should mention is that I am somewhat limited on space with a 6' x 8' room in my basement since I will mostly be doing this in the morning or at night at home.

Thanks Chris