My high school weight room closed down last Friday, so now I'm out of a place to get a great workout.

What I wanted to start doing was running in the morning, swimming after that, and maybe a little more weight training, then more running.

I'm not much of a runner so its hard for me to decide what to do. Should I run long distance or short or both. Maybe Short in the morning and long at night? Or mix it up with both sessions?

Swimming all I have is a little apartment pool, not SUPER small but not Olympic. What I was doing today is timing myself and swimming as fast as I could to each side long ways and then there and back. I got some pretty decent times I think. Also I was just running along the bottom as hard as I could and timing. Just wondering if this is a good thing to do to pass time and get a workout.
I was also holding my breath under water for stamina? Is this going to help. I absolutely sucked on this I'm even embarrassed to put time. But that's what practice is for right! Also I would try to jump as high as I can out of the pool. Saw a college wrestler jump out of pool and onto the concrete so I want to do that soon. If any of these are good on swimming let me know.

And for weight training since I have weights and no rack and I live on the top floor of my apartment, I'm thinking I'll do stuff for my tri's, bi's, attempt lunges and squats for endurance, but that's pretty much it not a lot of core until abs. I know I need a membership to a gym. I need to live close to a gym is what I need!

That's pretty much it guys let me know what you think! Answers by tonight would be great so I can plan it out but if not I'll do it when I get the best answers. I gave plenty of info on what I'm trying to do but any questions for me should be asked and I will answer back.

Thanks a lot guys!

- Brad

P.s. I posted a thread about any wrestling clubs in Texas and got 16 views and NO answers!! Come on guys! Hopefully I'll get some answers on this I know there are a lot of people looking. Maybe its just me? haha. Thanks for reading.