About me.
Im 5-7 236 pounds (all fat cause i have a hard problem with food like i love old school meals like really fatty gravy on buttered mash potatoes with chicken and stuff like that). i can max bench at about 120 (maybe 3 reps can't get to 120 on my bench my bench goes to 112 and i can crank out 5,7,5 work outs (you lift one set being 5 then rest 2 seconds and lift 7 then again rest then 5 thats a set (it works i jumped my bench tremendously in 5 weeks going from 40 pounds (never lifting before) to 95 pounds.
also im 14

I need some workout routine advice. I don't have an actuall plan and im not good with making one last one i had had me gaining fat. but building streingth. i want to lose fat wile gaining some muscle but really gaining power.

Also i got a tire (suv tire) and instead of a sledge can i use a baseball bat and get the same workout?

thanks if you don't notice im new. here.