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    About me.
    Im 5-7 236 pounds (all fat cause i have a hard problem with food like i love old school meals like really fatty gravy on buttered mash potatoes with chicken and stuff like that). i can max bench at about 120 (maybe 3 reps can't get to 120 on my bench my bench goes to 112 and i can crank out 5,7,5 work outs (you lift one set being 5 then rest 2 seconds and lift 7 then again rest then 5 thats a set (it works i jumped my bench tremendously in 5 weeks going from 40 pounds (never lifting before) to 95 pounds.
    also im 14

    I need some workout routine advice. I don't have an actuall plan and im not good with making one last one i had had me gaining fat. but building streingth. i want to lose fat wile gaining some muscle but really gaining power.

    Also i got a tire (suv tire) and instead of a sledge can i use a baseball bat and get the same workout?

    thanks if you don't notice im new. here.

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    Sounds like you could use a basic weightlifting routine. I highly recommend the book "Starting Strength". Easy to read. Sound advice. Order directly from the author. There is also a new DVD although I haven't seen it.

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    think you need a fat burning endurance workout with low weight high reps to start off, then transition to a normal routine or strength training. Just my opinion.

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    kettlebell swings- cardio, strength, and fat burning exercise all in one.
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    All good ideas, I am a firm believer in combining kettlebell training with olympic lifts. The most important suggestion I can give you is too keep things functional. In the grand scheme of things unless you are looking for a football scholarship nobody cares how much you bench press. For wrestling it is much more important to be able to pick something up off the ground and lift it over your head. I would stick to crossfit routines for now. They are scalable (I have 6 year olds and 50 year olds doing the same workouts) and are extremely functional. If you have a crossfit affiliate in your area it would not hurt to invest some money in joining their club so you can learn proper technique from a professional. is a great place to start. If that is not in your budget you can probably do a lot of the workouts with stuff in your garage. No sledge, no problem, use the baseball bat. Here is a link to what we do three days a week during the off season. We expect olympic lifts to be conducted on other days.

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    Stick to multi-joint, complex exercises such as:

    - Squats
    - High Rep Deadlifts (20)
    - Bench Press
    - Bent Rows
    - Pulldowns

    You don't need anything fancy at this point. We need to work on your bodyweight/strength correlation and improve it. I agree that you could benefit from a Crossfit experience. However... Olympic lifting without a strong base of strength almost always equals injury.

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